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OP-open log color paint,NS-log sealer, OL-color restoring ancient ways,NAT-varnish
SB-gradients,3TS-water gradient,BLK-black.

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Since 1938, the S.yairi brand was established, it is almost 77 years ago.
Thank you for so many years of support to our guitars!
We never stopped to increase the high standard of our guitars and we will continue to work on each single guitar as an individual build instrument with best quality as possible. Only fine and hand selected tone-wood, in stock for more than 3 decades, and best skilled guitar makers guarantee you to become a satisfied guitarist, giving S.yairi the commendation we need every morning.

S.yairi】 Guitar was established in 1938 by Mr. Sadao Yairi in Nagoya Japan.

1962, Sadao Yairi’s son, Hiroshi Yairi went to learn guitar manufacturing in the United States,

which lasted three years, came back to succeed his father career, 
began to acoustic guitar engaged in research and development.


In 1970, Start to do OEM for 【Morris】 guitar and 【Lowden】 guitar.

In 1977, Due to the outstanding contribution to the guitar industry, 
Japanese Government granted Sadao Yairi Labor Feats Award

In 2000, Hiroshi Yairi, 

the son of Sadao Yairi came to Dalian and set up Dalian Longyin Wood Products co., Ltd. 

The company was later renamed Dalian Longyin Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. 

In 2007, Start to do OEM for 【Stanford】, 【Martinez】, 【Morris】, 【Cats eye】, 【Ishibashi】 etc.

In 2009, we launched a series of top solid guitars in china, such as YD-15, YD-25, and YD-35 

Today, because of its excellent tone, 【S.yairi】 Brand was praised by the majority of players.